I woke up this morning to words and images of hate posted on a private Facebook page which I am not a member. The page supposedly represents views from my community – Bayonne. It does not! Just because we live in the most diverse region of our country does not mean that we are protected against bigots and racist. The idea that someone thinks it is ok to post images of a man hanging from a tree and others endorse lynchings sickens me. There is no place in our society for such hatred.
I am so upset and pissed off it is tough to respond intellectually. But I remember the work of John Lewis and Martin Luther King – I will not react in anger, but instead react with truth. I have reported the page to Facebook and I have sent a note to the Bayonne Police Department, Hudson County Prosecutor and Attorney General asking him to investigate the matter. I believe the image was intended to incite violence and believe those involved should be investigated.

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