Assembly Transportation Hearing on Ferry Services

The Assembly Transportation Committee met on September 18th at Steven’s Institute to discuss
ferry services across the Hudson River and the heavily subsidized Seastreak ferry.


Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson) stated the following: “As public servants, we want to get more
information about this subsidy. We shouldn’t be spending $7,200 a day to transport a busload of
people. This subsidy was intended to alleviate traffic caused by the Pulaski skyway construction
work; a very real concern for local residents. However, everyone who has balanced a checkbook
could see this was not an efficient program. First, this ferry service is redundant. There is a ferry from Belford to Paulus Hook in Jersey City. Second, the cost is incomprehensible. We are spending $1.8 million per year to transport on average 100 riders. If we bought every rider a ticket for existing services it would cost us less than $600,000 a year.”

Subsidy payments are currently suspended as the PANYNJ conducts an investigation on the
subsidy. The taxpayers of NJ expect and deserve more from our government. 

Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson) stated the following: “Unfortunately the traffic experienced by our
guests is not as infrequent or unusual to Hudson County residents. Similar to the NYC ferry plan,
NJ needs to create a comprehensive strategy to use ferries to alleviate traffic and efficiently
transport commuters within the region. Bayonne has been working with the Port Authority to
bring ferry service to Bayonne.” said Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson)