Jitney Regulation Meeting

Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Mayor James Davis, Freeholder Kenneth Kopacz, Councilman Tom Cotter, and Sheriff Frank Schillari met today to discuss enforcement of Jitney bus regulations in Bayonne. 

The meeting is part of a multi-prong approach Bayonne is taking to address concerns of residents related to the safety and operations of jitney buses.

This month the NJ General Assembly pass Chiaravalloti’ s proposal to allow municipalities to further regulate jitney buses by requiring them to register with the towns they operate in. “We need to make sure local communities have the power to oversee the operation of these vehicles within their communities. This is a public safety and quality of life issue.”

Bayonne recently passed 15 minute parking ordinance to prevent these buses from idling in residential neighborhoods for extended periods of time. Mayor Davis stated that “While these buses provide an affordable mode of transport, it is necessary to strike a balance between safety and efficiency.” Freeholder Kopacz noted, “There is an opportunity to work under the current legal framework to address many concerns raised by the general public”. Councilman Cotter added: “The issue has been a nuisance to our residents and I am glad to see action being taken”.

Mayor Davis added, “I want to thank Sheriff Frank Schillari for his assistance and continued commitment to the resident of Bayonne.” Sheriff Schillari announced that as a result of the meeting, the Sheriff’s Office and Bayonne Police Department will work together to ensure stricter enforcement of existing regulations within Bayonne. He stated, “We will be checking these Jitney buses regularly to ensure they comply with all state laws and are operating safely on the streets of Hudson County.”