Jobs & The Economy


The growing disparities between economic classes in New Jersey are causing hardworking families to continue living on tight budgets with no hope in sight. That’s why, as Assemblyman, I'm committed to increasing wages, providing tax relief, and creating jobs to strengthen our middle class. These efforts are vital to boosting our economy so hardworking families have an opportunity to succeed.

You work hard every day, but your wages remain stagnant as companies continue to make high profits. You deserve more. Increasing wages and providing tax relief means more disposable income for families to buy groceries and send their children to college. I will fight for you so that you see more money in your paycheck and can see your children succeed.

By investing in New Jersey’s infrastructure, manufacturing sector, educational system and ensuring that small businesses have the ability to expand we can strengthen the middle class, spur job creation and boost our economy. Long-term investment will improve and revitalize our crumbling infrastructure, providing more jobs and contributing to our economy. This will also enable manufacturers to enhance their capabilities and provide individuals the necessary tools to secure employment in today’s competitive market. I want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to see their ideas come to fruition and with more access to financial capital, small businesses will be able to grow.