Game Changer at 14A

As a member of the Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee,  today was a great day for Bayonne! Governor Muprhy joined us in Bayonne to announce the completion of the 14A improvement project. We all know there will still be traffic but this project eases most of the in city backups. 



Proposed Expansion of Educational Opportunity Fund and Tuition Aid Grants to Provide Affordability for More Students

Governor Murphy Underscores Commitment to Bolster Higher Education Assistance

Proposed Expansion of Educational Opportunity Fund and Tuition Aid Grants to Provide Affordability for More Students

Jersey City – Emphasizing his commitment to making higher education more affordable for New Jersey students, Governor Phil Murphy further outlined his goals during a roundtable discussion at New Jersey City University in Jersey City.  The Governor’s proposed 2019 budget contains $8.5 million for the expansion of Tuition Aid Grants (TAG) and the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF).

“Our goal is to keep a college degree within reach for working families and those who come from economically disadvantaged areas,” said Governor Murphy. “These investments will ensure that students can continue to realize their dreams because no one should be deprived from getting an education based on where they’re from, or their background, or current economic status, or their abilities. This is a matter of fairness that will lead to a stronger future for our students and for New Jersey.”

Overall, Governor Murphy’s proposed Fiscal Year 2019 budget allocates $2.4 billion in total appropriations for higher education, including funding for facilities and capital and represents an overall increase of $69.9 million over last year’s budget. 

“The Governor’s proposed increase in funding for these programs will assist students in need at our New Jersey institutions of higher learning, both two-year and four-year,” said Acting Secretary of Higher Education Zakiya Smith Ellis. “This will help to improve affordability and opportunity for those pursuing a higher education.” 

Governor Murphy’s college affordability plan strengthens student assistance for Tuition Aid Grants (TAG) and the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) by $7 million and $1.5 million, respectively.

Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 TAG funding of $432.9 million is projected to aid more than 67,500 students – an increase of nearly 3,500 TAG awards over the current year.

The $7 million increase in funding for Fiscal Year 2019 will ensure continued access to need-based financial assistance for qualified students, by increasing award amounts provided to all qualified applicants at levels not to exceed 2 percent above those levels provided in the prior fiscal year.

In addition, the Governor’s proposed budget strengthens EOF by preserving the $5 million the legislature put into the Fiscal Year 2018 budget for EOF and including an additional $1.5 million of support to the EOF program.

After successive years of cuts, this is the first consistent commitment to this overwhelmingly successful program that has been made in almost a decade.

“I’m excited to be part of a discussion that leads to an increase in educational opportunities for students from economically challenged backgrounds,” said Senator Sandra B. Cunningham, Chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee. “Tuition Aid Grants and grants from New Jersey’s Education Opportunity Fund are based on financial need and also take into account the environments from which students are coming from. That’s why we have added $8.5 million in funding for these grants in the proposed budget. TAG and EOF grants don’t just open the door to higher education, they can ensure that once a student is inside, they can stay and learn.”

“The Tuition Assistance Grant and the Equal Opportunity Fund programs serve low-income, first generation students in every county of the state,” Assemblyman Nicholas A. Chiaravalotti said. “Students which demonstrate a commitment, motivation and potential for success in higher education and beyond. Investment in these programs is imperative and I applaud Governor Murphy for prioritizing higher education and his increased proposed funding for both the TAG and EOF programs.”

"I applaud Governor Murphy’s proposed expansion of TAG and EOF funding,” said Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight. “Knowledge is power; by investing in our youth who otherwise may not have been given an opportunity to attend an institution of higher education, we are assuring New Jersey creates an atmosphere for those brilliant minds to flourish.”


Bill A360 passes Assembly 70 -1

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Bill to Lift Fees Related to Security Freezes from Consumer Reports without Charge Passes.

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Assembly Panel Clears Bill Package to Uphold Net Neutrality in the Garden State

Please see attached press release 

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Bayonne High School threat


“I commend Mayor Davis and interim Superintendent Wanko for the rapid response to the perceived threat at Bayonne High school.  As parents of three young boys, Nancy and I are concerned and sensitive to any potential threats.” Said Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson)

“I was proud of how Mayor Davis,  interim Superintendent Wanko and Bayonne Police Department responded to today’s incident.  In the Assembly, I voted in favor of legislation which created a special class of law enforcement officers to undergo specialized training covering security issues that routinely arise in the school setting.  I am encouraged that Bayonne is working to  implement this new law.” Said Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson)

Please see link. Christie signs bill letting armed, retired cops provide security in N.J. schools

Assemblyman Chiaravalloti recognizes 50th anniversary of NJ EOF

Today's vote on socks for the Homeless Day

Today Assemblyman Chiaravalloti had the honor of hosting a young Bayonne resident, Jaeanna Elizabeth Wilson. Jeanna has been doing fantastic charitable work for the homeless population in our community. She accompanied the Assemblyman down to the New Jersey State house for a legislation designating Feb 14th as "Socks for the Homeless Day".  #BayonnePride#Socksforthehomeless



Chiaravalloti asks state comptroller to investigate NJ Reach

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Chiaravalloti asks state comptroller to investigate NJ Reach

(Bayonne)- Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D-31) has requested that the New Jersey State Comptroller investigate all funds that had been appropriated for the NJ Reach project. The NJ Reach project was created under former Governor Chris Christie to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic. Funds were re-appropriated from underfunded programs and directed to a fund
that was solely dedicated to the creation of advertisements for NJ Reach.

Chiaravalloti voiced his concerns: “The opioid epidemic has devastated New Jersey, nearly 2,000 individuals died from overdoses in 2016 alone. The legislature authorized the governor to create NJ Reach in good faith- this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. But the governor took money away from pre-school expansion, school construction and college tuition grants. These are issues that are frequently discussed as being underfunded. It is bothersome that important funds were slashed to benefit the former governor and the consultants that created the advertisements.”

“These advertisements were designed to promote Christie and was not solely created for the victims and families of the opioid epidemic. This is clearly evident by Christie’s prominence in all the ads. These ads were costly, took away from necessary funds and had a limited shelf life. These ads are unusable by any administration. This money could have been spent on treatment
programs to directly assist victims of the epidemic- not wasted on production edits featuring Christie.” Said Chiaravalloti (D-31)

NJ Reach was created in 2017 and received budgeted funds for 2017 and 2018. In the two years, nearly 6 million dollars were redirected from preschool expansion aid and 19 million dollars were redirected from school construction fund. The program also received almost 9 million dollars in 2018 from the Tuition Aid Grant program.

“New Jerseyans have a right to know why these specific funds were chosen to be slashed, what was the process behind hiring consultants and who was involved in the program’s strategy. Why were funds mismanaged on ads that can only be used under one administration?” Stated Chiaravalloti (D-31)

Net Neutrality Executive Order

Governor Murphy and Chiaravalloti lead the way on Net Neutrality.


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Socks for the Homeless

Assemblyman Chiaravalloti discussing "Socks for the Homeless" Day. A young Bayonne resident, Jae Anna Elizabeth Wilson, has done excellent work collecting socks for the homeless population. #BayonnePride #Socksforthehomeless

Distracted Driving

"I have been working on raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving since joining the NJ General Assembly.  The videos and outcomes from multiple studies are both startling and a warning.  This is an issue that needs to be taken seriously."

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Bill to Help Domestic Violence Victims Opt-Out of Bundled or Multi-Year Phone and Cable Contracts Signed Into Law

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Chaparro & Chiaravalloti Bill to Help Domestic Violence Victims Opt-Out of Bundled or Multi-Year Phone and Cable Contracts Signed Into Law

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Bill Increasing Eligibility for Tuition Aid Grants Now Law

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Caputo, Jasey, Karabinchak, Mukherji & Chiaravalloti Bill Increasing Eligibility for Tuition Aid Grants Now Law

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Statement on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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Assemblyman Nicholas A. Chiaravalloti issued the following statement reflecting on diversity
and unity in advance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

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Assemblyman Chiaravalloti congratulates the B.E.O.F on state-issued award.

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Joint Press Statement on B.E.O.F Award

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